Projects Management

In the middle of 2007, eXperience opened a new office in the south of Madrid to be dedicate exclusively to document digitalization. A joint project with Siemens to digitalize the Civil Registries tomes in the South, East, West and the Northeast of Spain, for and the Ministry of Justice as final clients.
eXperience was the one who managed, coordinated and started/finished this project. A team formed of more than 180 employees, permited the digitalization, quality control and data entry of each tome, which composed a production chain.
This team was foemed by digitalization data entry technician, driviers, quality controllers, coordinators, team leaders, trainers, logistic supervisor, project management team, etc. They ensured the success of this project.
The security of this project was guaranteed at several levels. On one hand, by the transportation of the high quality scanners to/from the Civil Registries, access procedures to our offices in Madrid. On the other hand, the encryption procedures for all transported units.