Management Policy

The primary mission and objective of eXperience Ingeniería y Servicios, S.L, hereinafter, eXperience, as a company dedicated to Providing Information and Telecommunication Services for Technological Clients, is the quality and excellence of accomplished projects and provided services, as well as total satisfaction from our clients, having complied with all contractual and service requisites and legal and policy requirements. From a health and safety framework and committed to the environment by continuously improving the organization (waste reduction, minimization of consumption, control over emissions to the atmosphere and spillage), we seek prevention against pollution actively.
Furthermore, eXperience accepts the compromise to offer the best quality and the best service in our projects, so that all our clients can count on our organization, at their disposal, to offer them solutions that are serious and responsible.
To that end, eXperience has implemented an Integrated Management System based on the rules UNE EN ISO 9001:2008, UNE EN ISO14001:2004 and UNE-ISO/IEC 20000- 1:2011 having the following commitments as priorities:

  • Compliance of the offered requisites and agreed with the clients, consolidating confidence in eXperience.
  • Management and efficient process control.
  • Continuous improvement of the processes, services, as well as customer service.
  • Efficient assignment of roles and responsibilities.
  • Awareness and motivation of the human resources that belong to the organization, on the importance of the implementation and development of the Integrated Management System.
  • Satisfy our clients’ necessities and expectations, winning over their trust and loyalty, ensuring the quality of the accomplished projects.
  • Comply with the legal requisites that apply and with other requisites that the organizations subscribe.
  • Annually establish a work framework to set and achieve environmental, service and quality objectives, to pursue continuous improvement.
  • Communicate all the personnel in the organization of this policy, as well as the providers working in our name, and clients of our services.
  • Instill all the personnel in a safety work culture.
  • Inform and educate the workers on environmental risks that are inherent to their role, as well as the tools and measures to adopt for their prevention.
  • Analyze all accidents that are potentially harmful for the environment and implement the necessary measures to avoid their reoccurrence.
  • Services Management Systems (hereinafter, SGS) is defined based on the ISO 20000 practices. This SGS will manage initially a small subset of IT services from the organization. Its scope will grow progressively until the services map is managed completely.
  • The complete list of services must be kept updated in a services map that must be public and known to all members of the organization. It also must be available to the clients who do not belong to the organization, and to the providers that, in one way or another, participate in providing said services.
  • The progressive implementation of the SGS on the different services will be managed through independent projects, bounded by the company’s owned budget and time.
  • It is the desire of the organization that, as the SGS is implemented for new services, that these will be certified with the ISO 20000 standard.

Supporting our compromise to continuous improvement, this policy is reviewed annually and all tools and resources necessary to implement it are established. This policy is documented, implemented and updated; it is also communicated to all people working for eXperience or in its name.