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eXperience was founded in 2000, by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the most outstanding IT telecommunications companies at that time, and with a clear and solid dedication to all improvements that the sector requires. eXperience has two fundamental objectives: Engineering and IT Services. Due to our successful framework agreements with our clients, eXperience has experienced a strong sustainable growth during the last few years, which enabled us to offer our services and meet our clients’ expectations in the European Union and Latin- America.



TangramBPM Start Headquarters is the electronic access point to those public entities services that require identification or authentication by citizens or administration. The headquarters has special conditions of identification, security and responsibility, as well as guaranteeing an information which is true, updated and complete.

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Test Management Tool

eXperience is a BStriker partner and this enables us to offer an agile test management platform to our clients as well as QA teams for product roll out. BStriker enables you to centralize your software testing; measure your software quality appropriately; and test your software faster and more effectively. Bstriker allows you to dimension the scope of the testing, implement a strategy, assign resources, programme tasks and measure and analyse results, in this way achieving a more precise control over the quality of the software to be tested.

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Oracle Service Cloud

Channel Services Solution

eXperience is an Oracle Service Cloud Solution Integrator and we offer our clients a unified experience for multiple channels, whether assisted or self-service. Oracle Service Cloud enables you to consolidate long-lasting and fructiferous relationships with web experiences, social networks and contact centres. It facilitates knowhow management, customer service, multi-channel incident resolution, policy automation, and field service management.

About Us

eXperience was founded in 2000 with 100% Spanish capital and clear technological objectives; initially it was focused on Telecommunications sector and later, it grew to other innovative sectors

With more than 200 consulting professionals and offices in Madrid, Alcobendas, Seville, Valladolid and Brasilia, eXperience offers professional services all over Spain as well as in numerous countries in Latin America and Europe.
As a great company that eXperience is, it is involved in research and development; we are pioneers in massive digitization projects in Spain.
Recently, during the last few years, eXperience has chosen to work in new software and service business lines. Obtaining new quality standards such as IT Service Management 20000 as well as Environmental 14001 and 9001 is a testament of responsibility during the hardest times.

About eXperience IT Solutions

100%Spanish capital. Strong financial position. Growing equity:

  • 2010 - 28% Financing (balance sheet)
  • 2015 - 44% Financing

Organic growth business plan; tendency to maximize profitability of our equity. Reinvestment of dividends: Reinvestment of dividends Risk reduction and control.
2012: Business model oriented to engineering, helping our clients to develop their projects.

  • 40% Services
  • 60% Engineering

2015: Business model oriented to achieving projects jointly. Service Bundling. Joint Venture

  • 70% Services
  • 30% Engineering

Our Skills

  • 90%
    JavaEE, PHP, C#, Python, C++, ...
  • 80%
    Testing - Quality Assurance
  • 90%
    Liferay, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCMS, ...
  • 75%
    Mobility: Android, iOS
  • 90%
    Digitization & indexation
  • 80%
    Networking, Help Desk, Support, ...
  • 65%
    Strategic consulting
  • 50%
    Systems monitoring

Why us

We offer the versatility that other companies lack
  • Immediate availability of professionals (all levels)
  • Strategic consulting for RFP’s, Temporary consortium/joint ventures, ...
  • Swiftness in hiring and licensing processes

Therefore, we offer our big clients the flexibility they need without losing quality nor reputation.


Thanks to our experience in Spain, Europe and Latin America, eXperience has a great capacity to offer high quality services and success wherever our clients need us. Whether it is creating teams in Mexico or Argentina or with the help of our local partners (Ecuador, Hungary, UK…) we are there

  • Great market knowledge
  • Competent Sales & IT teams
  • Fast HR & Recruitment department with proven track-record

Our price-performance ratio beats the competition.

Our Story

In 2002 eXperience sign agreements with some of the most competitive Telecommunications companies: Telefónica I+D, Ya.com (Orange) and Hewlett-Packard. In 2005 we sign with Siemens Enterprise Communication (Unify today) and IBM. In 2010 we started to work with Everis, Accenture and Ericsson.
The first office that eXperience opens is at Madrid, in 2001 another one opens in Valladolid (Boecillo, business center) and in 2002 at Seville, La Cartuja. Throughout these years, we have opened offices, some short-term, in Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona and Valencia. At Madrid we opened in 2008 an office of recording and indexation that centralized all projects in Spain. In 2010 we opened in Alcobendas a national digitalization center. In 2013 we opened our first Brazilian office at Brasilia.
Betting on innovation and quality, eXperience opens a department of R&D that holds new technological services and where the new platform TangramBPM kicks off; other business lines, such as remote monitoring systems in Latin America and Europe also take off. We achieved quality certifications and got registered in the official listing to work for the public administration, ADIF, Universidad de Sevilla, etc.

Some of our projects

  • We signed an agreement with IECISA (Informática del Corte Inglés) in February 2014 for digitization, document management, image processing and development among other areas of the project.

    IECISA - Informática del Corte Inglés

  • We have been collaborating on international web development projects with DIA since we signed an agreement February 2014.


  • Digitization and indexation of all the public national records of births and deaths, and births and legal guardianships for the Central Immigration Registry in order to be able to work with digital information on Inforeg.

    Digitization of the Central Civil Registry

  • Functional analysis, development, maintenance and incidence management on marketing actions application to generate reports on marketing campaigns for the Peugeot-Spain's clients (.NET)

    Access Project - Peugeot

  • Comparison on POS (Point of Sale) survey collection. File Integration on DB in operating phase and report generation using BI.

    Informis Project - PSA Group

  • Network support for the Andalusian Hospital Network. Joint project with HP Sevilla

    SAS - Servicio Andaluz de Salud (Andalusian Health Service)

  • Digitization and cataloguing of electronic judicial records in the Justice Administration (EJE). Substitution of traditional paper for its equivalent digital format.

    Digitization of judicial records National High Court

  • Performance tests, stress tests and load tests on RAE’s new web. Tested behavior for huge loads of users, multiple countries, systems stability, …

    RAE: Real Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy)

  • The interoperability plataform TangramBPM has been used in multiple services such as the gobernment’s ports (PORTEL), as well as in Courthouses and Universities.

    Tangram BPM

  • Certification and monitoring of Telefónica’s network of API's through automation tools, including end-to-end tests with Android terminals in different countries in Europe and Latin America.


Our Services

Below you will learn more about our services and lines of business.


eXperience has a Research & Development department that focuses, among other areas of interest, its efforts to facilitate...

Data Center Audit, Due Diligence

Why a Due Diligence? A Data Center audit & assessment, "Due Diligence", will provide the CIO with every...

Web development - Systems Integration

The integration of complicated and big systems is one of the most common actions within the communications field;...

Electronic Data Processing

eXperience develops the concept of Electronic Office, based on the Law 11/2007 of June 22, on electronic access...

Mobile Services

In eXperience, we develop mobile applications for leading operating systems, both for the present as well as for...

Documents Digitization

eXperience took part in the Digitization and Computerization of approximately 900 Civil Registers office Digitalization or scanning, what do...

SQA - Software Quality Assurance

Functionality Black box testing, based on the functional specifications and requirements.Performance Group of dynamic tests that assure the system behavior...

Professional Services Rendering

Consultancy Our professional experience, as well as the acquired specific knowledge in different technologies, allows us to assist technological...

Managed Projects and Packetizing

At eXperience we are participating more and more with our clients in managed projects and packetizing, offering Outsourcing...

Our Team

At the following departments you will be able to communicate with eXperience regarding your questions or needs. We are at your disposal.
  • Commercial

    Sales Department

    Our sales department and our pre-sales technical consultants will study each case personally looking at different alternatives to offer the best solution that fits the needs of each client.

  • Human Resources
    Human Resources

    HR Department

    The basic goal from our Human Resources department is to align the HR professionals with the strategy of the organization in order to implement the organizational strategy through the people. 

    People are considered by eXperience as the only live and intelligent resources able to achieve organizational success and face the challenges that we perceive in today’s high competitive world.

  • Technology

    Technology Department

    Our technology department, apart from taking care of the R&D, takes care of all the company’s technical projects, both in end-to-end projects as in outsourcing.Networking solutions, Web architecture, Android-iOS Mobility, Microsoft Solutions, Linux and Unix Systems, Communication Protocols, … 

Work with us

eXperience is looking constantly for professionals to form part of its group.
With us, you will be able to choose and develop a professional technical career thanks to the quality of the clients with whom we work.

To see a listing of the latest profiles that we look for in Infojobs, please visit the following link:

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If you wish to send your CV/résumé, you can do so to the following address:



We are always making our client base larger. From the telecommunications sector to the education sector, eXperience is able to take on the most complex technological solutions for our clients.
Count on us!



Firma de acuerdo marco con DIA en Enero de 2014 para desarrollo de una aplicación web para gestión de los pagos en la red de tiendas DIA a nivel europ...

Projects Management

Project Management

In the middle of 2007, eXperience opened a new office in the south of Madrid to be dedicate exclusively to document digitalization. A joint project wi...

PSA Peugeot Citroen


eXperience signs the agreement with Peugeot in February 2013. The French multinational Works in the automotive sector and belongs to the Psa Peugeot C...

Telefonica R+D


eXperience has a very close and strong relation with Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (TID). From the beginning, eXperience participated in the m...



Unify – prior to 2013 known as Siemens Enterprise Communications – keeps a close relationship with eXperience, ensuring continuous projects in adminis...

Páginas Amarillas - Hibu


In 2013 eXperience signs the framework agreement with HIBU, a company that is a leader in the publicity sector with46 million visitors on their webs i...



eXperience provides solutions services to EMC to obtain more versatility with their clients and technological solutions, allowing to share expertise.



Firma Acuerdo Marco en Febrero de 2014 con Iecisa Informática del Corte Inglés en Proyectos Cerrado y asistencia técnica.



From the signature of the framework agreement in 2002 to date, eXperience collaborates closely with HP to undertake consulting projects in telecommuni...

Telefonica Solutions


Recently, eXperience professionals have participated in various projects at Telefónica Soluciones, both in Madrid as in Seville, where different teams...



Oxford University Press is the prestigious editorial from Oxford. eXperience offers OUP support and collaboration in technological projects by creatin...


Our competitive advantage that distinguishes us from other companies is our quality certifications as well as our classifications, that allow us to work with the public administration. The quality we deliver demonstrates it.

V1 Classification


Among V1 classification group: Communication and Information Technology Services. eXperience has the 1-category to bid on public administration tender...

Universidad Sevilla


Since 2013, eXperience has a framework agreement for technical assistance services regarding investments for the Computing and Communications Services...

V5 Classification


Among V5 classification group: Communication and Information Technology Services. eXperience has the 5-category to bid on public administration tender...



Since 2009, eXperience has the registering documentation and certification as ADIF bidder.

ISO 9001


The ISO 9001:2008 norm was developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO), which specifies the requisites for a Quality Management System...

V2 Classification


Among the V classification group: Communication and Information Technology Services, eXperience has the 2-category to bid on public administration ten...

ISO 14001


The ISO 14000 norm is an international environmental standard, that started in 1996, after the success of the ISO 9000 series on quality management sy...


We just moved to our central office in Seville, at Tomares, Seville. A map of the area is available below.
 For specific projects, eXperience usually opens new offices that adapt to the client's needs.

Madrid (Spain)

Seville (Spain)

Info Details

Madrid (Spain)

Calle Arturo Soria 97A, 2ª planta, 28027 Madrid España 
(+34) 91 129 84 86



Sevilla (Spain)

Edificio Centris II - OF. 1.19
Glorieta Anibal Gonzalez, S/N
Tomares 41940 Sevilla España 
(+34) 618 113 729


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